General Healthcare

Collaboration with General Healthcare System (GESY)

Petrovich Medical Center and GESY (ΓΕΣΥ)

Petrovich Medical Center is proud to announce that we are a registered provider for the GHS central national health system in Cyprus (GESY).

The Future of Healthcare in Cyprus is a priority for the well-being of all the residents of Cyprus, this benefit can be seen as a leading step taken by the Health Ministry for the social benefit of everybody. Petrovich Medical Center shares these core values, and will continue to actively take part in the current implementation and follow the guidelines of the Health Ministry to provide the best service possible to all in need.

You can register one of our leading Specialists as your Personal Doctor - GP (general practitioner), if you have any difficulty registering, you can call us and we will assist you.

Personal Doctor Benefits are not limited to but include:

  • Cooperation of doctors from different areas to ensure the fastest and best treatment plan possible.
  • Personal approach to every patient and his family.
  • Respect of every individual, highest quality of service and treatment.

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